Saturday, 5 September 2015

A brace of pictures!

Way back in early spring, the elder of Smashing Aunts requested I make her a needle felted picture of a canal scene. Now, when your Aunt makes a request which inspires you, you're hardly likely to say no are you?!

The brief was a canal scene with primroses, bluebells, bulrushes, toadstools and a heron. Well, other than the heron I think I managed it. sadly it wasn't all plain sailing as I kept getting 'felter's block'. But eventually I got it finished!

As I found that felting a heron was beyond me, I made a little lavender bag from hand printed fabric with a bird motif, which I hope made up for the lack of heron

I did enjoy getting back in to felting and in the middle of one night I suddenly woke up with the solution to my Oldest Bestest Friend's birthday present for this year. She likes poppies, so I wet felted the background of poppies and tree against a sunset. Once it was dry I needle felted the details of the poppies and embellished it with some (and I use the term in its vaguest sense) embroidery; including a small owl in the tree as she is a bit of an owlcaholic!

Not the greatest photo, but it did turn out well and was a big hit
I've not been crafting much lately due to my social life getting a tad busy and also my crafting mojo seems to have disappeared for a while, but as I am doing the Dryathlon I have more time on my hands and I need t crack on with making presents for holidays, birthdays and Chrimble I shall be keeping myself busy. Of course since these will makes for presents I won't be able to blog about them for some time yet!

If any of you lovely peeps feel like like supporting my booze free endeavour it is in a very good cause: Cancer Research ... just click on the link - every little helps!


  1. I love those pictures and the lavender bag
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I'm sure the lavendar bag made up for the heron. Maybe it was just hiding round the corner. We are hitting that time of the year when we can't post the crafty bits and pieces. Ah well.

  3. Thanks for sharing your works! It's so sad that you won't blog for a while.. I like to read your blog and follow the changes. I'll miss you here..
    Commented on Live and Love at