Saturday, 20 June 2015

Pretty Pinny

It was recently beloved son's Spiffing Girlfriend's birthday

At my birthday party she mentioned having a seen vintage pinny in Brighton that was too dear to justify buying. Which pleased me muchly as I'd had a hankering to make her a pretty pinny for some time now, as she is a fantastic baker of delicious cakes

On Mother's day I was lucky enough to have both her, Beloved Son and some good chums round for lunch and I let her loose in my fabric stash to pick the type of material she'd like her pinny made up in. In a matter of moments her eyes lit up as she clocked a gorgeous vintage duvet cover I'd picked up in a charity shop on a jaunt with My Lovely Mum. I'd been saving it for an inspirational moment that never came!

So, on the last day of May (her birthday is 1st of June... nothing like a bit of last minute-ness to get the old creativity flowing!) I spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon cutting and sewing and swearing. Luckily I had a very good chum on the other end of FaceBook who seemed willing to put up with a torrent of yelping messages whenever I made a boo-boo i the process! Don't you find that a little support makes a huge difference to your mood whilst crafting?

By the end of the day, after sewing the shoulder straps inside out (and triple stitching them for security... grrr!) a bit of unpicking and resewing I finally finished a pinny that I am really rather proud of :)

The waist tie is from a goody bag of belts to
craft with that a fab chum gave me for Xmas
The previous week I knocked out a felted picture for my Oldest Bestest Friend. I'll post about that once I can find the pictures!


  1. Oh your pinny turned out gorgeous. Love the fabric and I am sure it was a big hit when you gave it to your son's girlfriend.
    The edging and the pretty coordinating ties make it lovely. You are so talented. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I have enjoyed my visit here to your blog and now a new follower. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Hugs, CM

  2. Very beautiful and sweet gift for a lovely lady, you are gifted thanks for sharing.

  3. It turned out just wonderful love the ruffle at the bottom!

  4. Oh Rae, how darling! I am a ruffles-kind-of-girl so of course I love yours on the bottom of the apron :) Thanks for taking the time to link up with Roses of Inspiration this week. Hugs to you!